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Our goal

Our foundation creates dialogues worldwide. There are 45 million veterans on our planet, and that are 45 million different stories. Our slogan and mission therefore is: “Start the dialogue.” Our concept is innovative and we are happy to explain this.

Our foundation has designed a beautiful international symbol for all veterans and their supporters in the world, parents, friends etcetc. Our campaign slogan: “Start the dialogue” has already reached 24 different countries where veterans and supporters wear our textile products with pride. By wearing our textile products they can tell their story to their local society and meet people in places they are discovering.

Our symbol is built with the three worldwide defense components: Army, Airforce and Navy.

In every country there are veterans symbols with their own national meaning. Once abroad, the national symbol loses its meaning and power to connect with each other. With our concept and slogan: “Start the dialogue.” Could be a simple hello be a start of a new dialogue with somebody.

Our foundation will make different donation during the year depending on sales and investments. We do not donate money but we donate conversations. If you have a good idea to support our foundation we would love to get in touch and support your ideas.


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