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Worldwide Military Veterans Foundation.

Across the world, 45 million military veterans have taken part in some form of mission, or offered their help in humanitarian disaster areas.

These are 45 million individuals who put their hearts and souls into helping others. 

Everybody has there own story to tell and our slogan is our goal:

Start the dialogue.


WMVF designed an international symbol and we combined forces with the three international defence elements:

The dagger of the Army, wings of the Airforce and the anchor of the Navy.

With this symbol, WMVF makes an international contribution and statement to the acknowledgement and recognition of these veterans and supporters in society. Veterans, and everyone who has a place in their hearts for them, can display their pride, acknowledgement and recognition through WMVF’s exclusive merchandise line. 


WMVF’s goal is to draw more international attention to veterans and supporters in society.


Through pride, symbolism and dialogue.


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“My cousin was deployed. We never really talk about it, but I’d like to know what it was like over there. Can I ask him?”

Pride & Loyalty.

What veterans are

After serving, men and women of all ages return to society as veterans, bringing with them the experience they have acquired elsewhere in the world and in the military.

Veterans are therefore not just the heroes from past wars, as is so often thought. Veterans are men and women, young and old, who left the safety of their own homes to help others and to serve their country. They return to our society and either continue working for the military or start on a new career path. In whatever way they continue their lives after working for the military, they all have one thing in common – they are veterans and must never be forgotten.

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Acknowledgement and recognition

Veterans who are willing to share their experiences don’t always do this. It’s a topic that’s not easily talked about with family and friends, and very often people aren’t aware that someone they know is a veteran. This international symbol and this platform will help to generate discussion. Veterans should, must and will be seen. This symbol breaks the ice and results in pride becoming a common factor for veterans (amongst themselves) and non-veterans around them. In addition to sharing their experiences of working for the military, veterans also share a strong feeling of pride and loyalty with each other. Our wish is that they can find such support in their own immediate surroundings.

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